A downloadable game for Windows

The definitive way to play nintendo!

Inspired by the likes of Surgeon Simulator, it recreates the experience of playing the original NES almost perfectly! Use analog sticks to control your character's thumbs, it's time to get frustrated! It's like playing while drunk, but worse.

The game has a built-in NES emulator, so just put your ROMs in the NESSimulator_Data/roms folder and get playing! No ROMs are included with the game, so you'll have to obtain them yourself by legal means.

Currently the game can only be played using a controller, sorry :c I'm trying to figure out a way to support mouse + keyboard.

This project is still a work in progress, all feedback and especially bug reports are highly appreciated! There's a known bug where the ROM menu appears to be empty when you first select it, so if that happens, just go back to the main menu and click "Pick ROM" again.

Dev log: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=65347.0


nessimulator_v0_1_64bit.zip 75 MB


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Hello, I love the concept of this simulator, but unfortunately I am facing a problem: every single time that I select a ROM, the screen goes black and I can only hear the sounds and use the controller. I tried selecting different ROMs and installing the program twice but I had the same problem. Could you please update or tell me what do I need to change/write in the game files?

Thanks. :)


can i download my own Rom on to it?

I love the idea of this and was able to get it to work easily with a controller, albeit with a little bit of lag; probably Unity. Playing something as simple as Mario becomes a devilishly difficult exercise in co-ordination that makes these games much more interesting! Good work on this.

Thank you very much!